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Established as the ‘Smith Arms’ by 1777, the inn was acquired by Jonathan Shutt in 1782 and renamed the ‘White Swan’. After 1848 the Swan, by then an hotel, was owned and enlarged by Isaac Thomas Shutt, architect of the Royal Pump Room. In 1878 Dr.Richard Veale converted it into Harrogate’s first hydropathic establishment, complete with Turkish Baths, the hotel then becoming known as the ‘Harrogate Hydro’. Famous guests included Karl Marx in 1873 and missing novelist Agatha Christie, who was found here in 1926 after the biggest ‘man’ hunt in British history.  Requisitioned in the Second World War for use by the Air Ministry, the hotel re-opened in 1952 as the ‘Old Swan’, and was used a venue for the 1977 film ‘Agatha’, starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave.

Hotel Majestic
The Hotel Majestic opened on 18 July 1900 as the finest hotel of the world’s greatest spa. Built by Frederick Hotels and designed by London architect G D Martin, the Majestic has, for over a century, been the preferred address of visitors such as Winston Churchill, Edward Elgar, Errol Flynn, ‘James Herriot’, G B Shaw and several Prime Ministers. Bombed on 12 July 1940, the Hotel Majestic served as an RAF Reception Centre during the Second World War. It was extensively refurbished between 1998 and 2002.
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