Montpellier Quarter

visit Harrogate The development of the Montpellier Quarter began in the 1860’s when George Dawson acquired Ashfield House, the home of the owner of the Crown Hotel, and incorporated the building into his construction of Montpellier Parade, so-called in deference to the fashion for French Spa names.

Today the Montpellier Quarter is home to a range of boutique shops and cafes and you can discover more by visiting the Montpellier Traders own website here.

Retaining the stables behind Ashfield House, Dawson adapted them for use by the tenants of his new retail properties, and by the end of the 19th century, they were used to store the bathchairs that, during daytimes, plied for hire at the top of Montpellier Hill. 

Threatened with demolition in the 1980’s, an imaginative scheme of conversion by Robert Ackrill Ltd and Turner Estates adapted the stone buildings into one of Harrogate’s most attractive speciality shopping areas.
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