The Stray

visit Harrogate When the great forest of Knaresborough was enclosed by the Act of 1770, an award dating from 19th August 1778 set aside as common land, 200 acres between the ancient villages of High and Low Harrogate to protect the public right of access to the unique mineral springs and to provide exercise space for all in search of health.  The award states ‘… the 200 acres shall forever hereafter remain open and unenclosed, and all persons shall and may have free access at all times to the said springs…and enjoy full and free ingress, egress and regress in, upon and over the said 200 acres…’. Grazing rights were controlled by gateholders until the 1893 Stray Act passed control to Harrogate Corporation, whose successors administer but do not own, this priceless public asset.
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